"Nerd Revenge 2000": Pump Action Pencil Launcher

A pencil can be very dangerous - when The Slingshot Channel builds a weapon around it!

The "Nerd Revenge 2000" is a homemade pump action slingshot crossbow that can fire 10 razor sharp pencil in under five seconds. The "arrows" travel at an impressive 100 miles per hour, fast enough to go through a apple!

The compact weapon (24" = 60cm) can also fire a "devilled" version if a pencil, with an achery field tip glued in. Then the once so harmless pencil is turned into a deadly projectile!

The design was inspired by the Chinese Repeating Crossbow, but the awkward repeating action has been replaced by the far better "pump gun" method.

This is probably the most fun slingshot ever demonstrated by The Slingshot Channel!